Good morning, welcome

A few words about Transition

I would like to welcome you to Burnside's Year 6 website.

Next year, when you begin Year 7 your life will change a great deal. You will be starting a 'bigger' school where most of the students will be bigger than you. You'll have lots of new teachers and many classrooms. There will be new rules to learn. There will be lots of new faces; but many may become your friends.

Changing from your old school may be a bit strange at first - you may miss your old school and you may not know much about your new school. As time passes, however, you"ll settle in, will get to know your way around and make new friends.

Just remember everyone else will be feeling the same and it's normal to feel uncomfortable for a while. The way to help yourself is to share your feelings with someone you trust. Your Form Tutor will be available each day or come and talk to me or Mrs Pearce, our Transition Mentor. Get involved - there are a lot of great activities to explore and enjoy. In the first few weeks, everyone will be keeping an eye out to make sure you are fitting in and can find your way around. If you have any trouble settling in, there are lots of caring people at Burnside to help.

I am looking forward to getting to know each and everyone of you and I wish you every success at Burnside in September.

Mrs Wightman

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